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Swap List

The Swap List is a password-protected private page.

The SOLE purpose of the Swap List (the ONLY purpose) is to allow students to reschedule their lessons by exchanging lesson times.

Terms and Rules:

(1) The Swap List contains ONLY the contact information of the ones who previously agreed to share their contact info with the rest of the members on the list.

(2) If you want to op-out at any time, please contact me asap via the contact page of this website.

(3) Abusing these information or use these info for any other purposes is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you do not respect this rule, you could be removed from the list immediately, and/or lessons and any participation in the studio will be denied.

(4) Please be respectful to each other. If the student/parent that you contacted does not agree to swap lesson time with you, please do not continue pursuing and respect his/her decision. In such case, you may contact the teacher directly to discuss other options.

(5) Students who are siblings are marked in the list. Please notice that they usually come together, they may not agree to change time with you if you only request to change one of their time slots.

(6) Please note that the lesson LENGTH might be different than yours. Please only swap lessons with those who have the same lesson length. If you have 45 or 60 mins lessons, and swap with a student with 30 mins slot, you may get only 30 mins in that particular lesson.

(7) When contact other students/parents, please be respectful and polite. Ask nicely. Please phrase your message in the most polite manner. Notice that no one is obligated to swap time with anyone.

(8) If both parties agree to the swap, both parties must contact the teacher immediately. Schedule is NOT CHANGED until the teacher approves the change. The teacher reserves the right to revoke any swaps at any time.

(9) Any swap MUST be done at least 24 hours in advanced. This means both parties have to agree, teacher is notified, and alternation is confirmed at least 24 hours before the lesson time.

(10) Liability disclaimer: By proceeding onto the Swap List, you agree that you accept the above terms. You agree that your contact information is provided voluntarily, and understand any risk and consequences you may have due to the exposure of your personal info. You hereby waive the rights and that of your heirs and assigns to hold FaFa Piano Studio, its owner (Virginia Tsoi), and its employees liable for any liability claims, damage, loss, injury, death, or any legal issue arise out of or in connection with the participation in the Swap List. 

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