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The Looking-Glass Self


Huge thank you to all students, parents, professors, and colleagues who wrote these testimonies! 

These testimonies tell you not only how I teach, how i collaborate with others, how i communicate, how i nurture my students, how i evolved as a pianist.... but also who i am as a person. learning about myself through the eyes of others is always an inspiring, intriguing, and reciprocal process. 

Mark Goodman (South Shore Conservatory, Chair of Piano Department)

“Although Virginia only taught at South Shore Conservatory for a year, I can say that she is one of the most innovative and effective teachers for kids we have ever had. She has created her own collection of games and teaching devices, and she implements them in a way that makes the lesson a positive, stimulating experience for her students. She has a calm, nurturing manner, and the ability to make her students really want to learn and succeed. She will be greatly missed here at the conservatory, but I feel happy for any student who is lucky enough to get her as a teacher as she pursues her future career, wherever that may be."



Parents of Danielle Harrington (Malden, MA)

My daughter finds Virginia a fun Teacher. Virginia goes above and beyond her job. When I found a second hand keyboard to buy, she went over there with me on her day off to see if the keyboard was in good condition. I cannot thank her enough, and we will miss her a lot.  

Parents of James Behenna (Hingham, MA)

"Virginia did a wonderful job of introducing our son to piano. She adjusted to his needs and worked at his pace so that he could enjoy learning and playing the piano, which can be difficult for young children with short attention spans."






Parents of Jonah Sutter (Perrysburg, OH)

"Virginia is an exceptional piano teacher. She genuinely cares about her students and is very invested in their development. She takes the time to get to know them, which allows her to develop lesson plans which are individualized for each student's needs. Virginia believes that piano lessons are more than just learning music/technical skills (although she targets these areas beautifully); they are about helping the student gain confidence and independence in life. She has left such an impression on me as a parent, and I am so grateful that my son had the experience of working with her."


Parents of Megan Odneal (Perrysburg, OH)

"I personally was amazed at how quickly you taught her to read the music and identify the keys on the piano.  I am thrilled that you make the class fun and reward the students for their achievements."







Parents of Ethan Helms (Perrysburg, OH)

"Virginia has been an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher to my son. He loved to tell me of the games they would play together. He was especially excited to share with her the musical piece he had composed. Virginia helped him to begin his piano journey on a solid musical foundation. I can't say thank you enough!"

Clint Fox (Director of Perrysburg Music Center)

"Virginia always conducted her studio with the utmost professionalism.  Her students grew musically under her instruction and she ALWAYS communicated well with me, the director of the music center, and with her students."




Dr. Gwendolyn Mok (Coordinator of Keyboard Studies at SJSU School of Music)

"Virginia Tsoi is one of the most dedicated, creative and hardworking students I have had in my studio. With over ten years experience teaching young students, Virginia has a wealth of knowledge and has the patience and resources to inspire young students to master the fundamentals while having fun. She is an accomplished pianist and has a passion for piano music which is infectious. I highly recommend her to any parent looking for a piano teacher. "



Dr Cole Burger (BGSU class piano and pedagogy instructor)

"I have known Virginia for 2 years.  She was one of the top students in my piano pedagogy classes. She brings a wealth of ideas, games, professionalism, and passion to all her teaching endeavors.  I believe she is a great teacher, especially for young children.  Her students learn and have a great time in their lessons."




Pastor Adrianne Meier (Hosanna Lutheran Church)

"Leading worship requires a certain poise: one must be confident enough in one's self as a musician and in the music that one can direct the conversation with nothing other than the notes on the page and one's own expression of them.  Virginia Tsoi has this gift.  She is a talented professional, eager to learn, to try new things, to work with the congregation to experience the music in a way that leads to deeper worship.  We were so happy to have her accompany our services, joyous to watch her grow as a musician, and sad to see her move on to new adventures."



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