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FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio
FaFa Piano Studio

With over 18 years of teaching experience, Virginia Tsoi is a professional and passionate piano teacher who teaches with a mission - music is a self-discovery journey, everyone deserve such a chance to connect to the soul through music. Under her creative and flexible teaching, her students not only acquire piano skill, musical knowledge, but also being able to express themselves in a unique way.

Virginia Tsoi

Virginia offers private piano lessons in San Jose, CA 

to students of all age
 Accompaniment service is also available

Video Competition Winner: Claire Chapelle!

May 13, 2020

We have a winner: Claire Chapelle!

Claire has always been one of the most dedicated and hard working students, it is not a surprise at all to see that she got more than half the votes and became the winner of the 2020 Video Competition. Despite going through some personal hardship, Claire is STILL the most hard working, musical, talented, humble, smart, and joyful student. I cannot find words to describe how proud I am of her.

Even more amazing, for the $120 prize that she gets for being the winner of this competition, she has decided to donate a big portion of it to a charity! It is such an amazing gesture. Thank you!

Thank you all the students who participated, all the parents who donated to the prize money, helped out with the recordings, and voted. It's been a very fun experience.

Studio Video Competition

Mar 31, 2020

All the social distancing cannot stop us from making music from our hearts - FaFa Piano Studio is excited to host our 2020 Studio Video Competition in the coming month!

Each student is going to submit a video of their best performance at home, I will pick the best 5 videos and post them on facebook and also in my studio website Then other students and parents are then going to vote for their favorite one. A winner will be announced on May 10th, who will get a mysterious prize.

Reality may be out of our control, but choosing how to make the best out of the situation is the real art of life. I may not be able to physically meet my students now, but social distancing doesn't mean emotionally detached. Hope they enjoy the process and treasure the extra music making time at home in isolation.

Stay safe and wash hands!

Duet Buddy

October 27, 2019

Nothing could be more refreshing and joyful to see two brilliant young ladies playing duets and play musical games together in a Saturday afternoon!

We had fun building scales (and competing with each other) using Unifix cubes. Circle of 5th could seem little complicated, but having a musical buddy to learn together helps! 

Excuse the Dust!

October 27, 2019

After a week of sleepless night, FaFa Piano Studio found its new home! Due to the ending of the lease, I move into another unit at the same address. Moving was hectic, but the dust is settling and my students are thrilled to be in the new piano room.

I'm a news headline

June 1, 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to all my students who performed beautifully in our recital tonight!

I challenged a lot of them and picked some challenging pieces for them this time, and they have outdone themselves! I am beyond proud to see all their hard work have paid off!

Together we collected $134 for Save the Children, and $38 for PetSmart Charities. In addition to my own donation, a $150 check has been mailed to Save the Children, and $50 for PetSmart Charities. Thank you for all the donations! 

Enjoy your summer!


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